Narcissism Alert!

As if it wasn't narcissistic enough that I have a blog about the random stuff in my life - of which there is PLENTY I have yet to tell you all - my desire to learn something new has lead to the creation of an Alexa skill that should read my latest posts to you as part of your flash briefing!

The motivation behind this is a bit more mundane.

As a tech developer who is always looking for new things to get to grips with, I thought it would be a simple introduction into the world of Alexa skills development; certainly the creation of content skills seems to be the easiest route to get started, with this blog providing an RSS feed managed by Feedburner.  As skills go, it isn't exactly going to be the most popular and would probably be a good candidate for some kind of 'worst app' award, but as it is really just a test and an introduction to the tech, I'm not overly worried about it.  Yet.

However, it is still in test as I am learning the Alexa developer interface and how to build the skills, so there is a good chance it will never actually be released, so hunting for it in the Skills section is going to be fruitless at this stage.  That said, if you would like to be a tester and provide (constructive) feedback, please feel free to let me know in the comments and I shall get you added!


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