Pushing It

My first blog entry using my new SPV M3100! Okay, not directly online but that's more to do with Costa Coffee not having a wireless access point, as the phone itself is more than capable!

I managed another run on Tuesday that took me on a slightly extended route to my normal one. Unfortunately, it worked out that it wasn't extended by very far at 5.85 miles! I've been meaning to run in the mornings before work, but late nights working, or unable to sleep because of storms, have meant that getting up at 5.30am is totally impossible ... for me, at least.

So, the plan tonight is to work until 8, head home for 9, stretch while I watch Extras, and hopefully take the run up to 7 or 8 miles. My boss is concerned that I'm going to do myself an injury as I still have the pain at the top of my right leg, but I think that if I stretch properly - and make sure I massage my legs afterwards - then it shouldn't be an issue ... in theory!

In the meantime, I need a brain transplant to finish this asp.net project. Every advance I make is tiny and takes days to make work. Just as I think I understand it, I get knocked sideways by an underhand blow. If I could have done this in java, I would be on the admin screens by now :-(


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