Red Bull, Coffee and Chocolate

Bad news with the training. A few weeks ago, I almost hit the nine mile mark, but seem to have damaged myself in the process, which means I haven't run since!

I'm not sure exactly what I've done, but its a problem where the top of my thigh joins my hip, at the front. I'm guessing its a tendons/ligaments thing as I notice the pain mainly when I stand and straighten my right leg after being prone for a while. Once I get going, I'm fine, but for the first minute I tend to favour it. That said, I did manage a run on Saturday night, and again this morning (something of a miracle in itself considering it takes 4 alarms to make me stir, let alone wake up!), but both were very hard to do.

With all the late nights and weekends I have been spending at work the past few weeks, often past midnight, I haven't been able to do any training anyway, regardless of the injury. Which could explain why the last two runs were so hard - I'm totally knackered!!

Eight weeks ago, I went on a course that would introduce me to .NET and C# in order to create an application that is supposed to completely replace an existing system used by over two hundred staff, running over 20 different scenarios, requiring a generic application that can take into account over 20 different configurations and sets of business logic.

While my handful of years in Java has helped with the C# side of things, I have to confess that I am banging me head against the wall on an hourly basis working within the ASP.NET framework. The course was ok as a beginner's introduction, but as with most cheap courses, it doesn't really prepare you for real world applications. And there are only two of us working on this: the other, more experienced guy, is working on the knowledge base portal while I work on this main application.

Is it unreasonable to be expected to complete this job by the end of the week? Or am I being unreasonable?

Maybe, if I was smarter this wouldn't be an issue, as I would have gotten to grips with it quicker and wouldn't be spending days at a time trying to figure something out.

Thank heavens for Red Bull, coffee and chocolate keeping me going!


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