Miracle Complete!

Three days to go before the run and yesterday I finally managed to book a hotel ... in Carlisle!

There was hotel in Gateshead, Newcastle, the Bowes Incline Hotel, that was advertised at £80 per night on laterooms.com, but when they tried to book it for me, the hotel wouldn't accept the booking unless I paid an extra £25 per night! Thieving bastards!

The girl at laterooms.com tried her best to negotiate for me, but the hotel wouldn't budge. They were apparently about to put the prices up because of the Great North Run ... blatant profiteering from a charity event. Its disgusting.

As I needed a room, I asked about taking just one night. Nope, I had to book both nights, and as the girl at laterooms pointed out, the hotel has nothing in their details about minimum stay restrictions so they should not be doing that.

Needless to say I sent the hotel a rather stroppy email - which I am sure will go straight into the trash - and ended up finding an available hotel in Carlisle.

Now I just have to get some training in!!

The girl at laterooms said that a black mark would go against the hotel for their activities and once they have three chalked up, they will be kicked off laterooms' list. Looking for hotels in Gateshead today (17/10/2006), it looks like this has happened as there is no trace of the Bowes Incline.

And I never did get a response to my email...


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