Facebook Fun

Despite the fact that there is not a lot going on in Facebook that is of much value, I seem to have found myself addicted to the site.

One application I seem to have added recently was the Compare People app which basically asks 60 questions where you rate between two randomly selected contacts. At the end of the process, you get to see how you were compared by your contacts that did the same thing.

There is the potential to be the sexiest, the best kisser, the most athletic, the most popular, the best shopping companion, and so on. What do I get voted?

The prettiest!


Hell, I'd even prefer to be the nerdiest as opposed to this!!!


Foshie said…
That'll teach you to fill those things in - nothing but trouble ! lol
OddThomas said…
True - I guess it could have been worse ... I could have been Most Annoying!!
Cath said…
Now, I did put you in both those categories so i hold my hands up lol!!!
OddThomas said…
Thanks! So I'm the prettiest most annoying guy you know?!
Cath said…
Nope, just the prettiest most annoying on Facebook. Hahahaha!!

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