Well, Bang My Bongo!

Well, it is now the final day here, in sunny Sri Lanka. It could also be called wet Sri Lanka with some of the rains we've had, but for the most part, it has been absolutely gooooooooooooooorgeous!

I still haven't quite gotten used to the bartering thing, though, and generally give people what they ask for if it sounds reasonable. The only ones that are really extortionate are the hotel shops and the beach cruisers who leap on people and trying to sell them Saris for 1200 rupees (about 6 quid) when you can get them in the local shops for between 250 and 300 rupees (about 1.50).

Today is also young Geoff's 21st birthday. Everyone should have a Geoff, he's fantastic!!

If you've ever seen Coupling, think of Geoff from the earlier seasons mixed with a little Frank Spencer, and you have some idea of what he is like. He is a very happy drunk and has beaten everyone here hands down on the amount he can drink and still get up for breakfast the next day!!

Laura, his other half, has organised for a private meal down on the beach this evening, followed by a disco from around 9pm, when the rest of us will be joining them to celebrate. I'm sure he will enjoy it!

We haven't been out of the hotel a great deal (though I'll give more details of the places we have been to at a later date), but today, Dave and myself went to the local 'village'. I put that in quotes because it is actually the name of the place and not a village in and of itself: its a government-run shop!

We were supposed to be catching up with the rest of the family, but when we got there, it appeared that they had moved on, so we did a little shopping where I bought three more items for my now excessively heavy suitcase: I think I might have to pay an excess charge :-(

As well as a carved fisherman and two faces with flowing hair carved in wood, I also finally managed to get myself a bongo drum!!! Yeeeeeehaa!! How annoying is that going to be for the neighbours!!!!



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