Losing My Touch

I think two weeks away has had a negative impact on my kitchen skills!

Much like being away from any kind of exercise regime, returning after anything longer than a week is like being there for the first time ... either that, or someone has craftily re-sized my kitchen whilst I was sunning it up in Sri Lanka!

Due to some off-kilter sense of spatial awareness, I succeeded in placing the hot wire rack I was about to cook dinner on in such a position on the worktop that as I placed the pizza carefully down upon it, it decided to take a swan dive off the front ... and land upside-down right on the pile of white shirts I was sorting for washing.

Not sure I like the shaved-parmesan-with-italian-herb look when it comes to clothing.
* * * * *
Well, my cousin and his wife are back from the Maldives and they have some great underwater shots from their snorkelling trips!

You should be able to see them at his Flickr site...


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