Beastly Attraction

Well, Monday saw my return to the Centralian Players for the first rehearsal of their next play and it felt very much like putting on an old pair of flourescent socks: comfortable, but nervous that everyone will be looking at you and laughing.

Of course, I need not have worried as everyone was in the same boat, and I appear to have gotten back into the swing of things pretty quick. There was one line that was easy to learn and, because we ran through that piece a couple of times, down went the book and out came the acting, which resulted in the guy playing Trevor laughing nervously and commenting on how I'd just given him the evils! Oops, getting into it a bit too soon, me thinks!!

The producer has put us in some positions that do not feel right, but it was only the first rehearsal for blocking, so this is bound to change the further we go. I guess I'm a little bit purist about such stuff. In my mind, if the playwright puts a specific stage direction in the script, then it is there for a reason...

Arriving home, I got straight onto reading the script into my computer so I could put it on disk and my mp3 player, the idea being that I can listen to it whenever I am in the car, or walking, or doing the housework, to totally saturate my head with the script so I can quote any bit of it.

Whilst reading the script, I became aware of a tickling on my back and went to scratch it, not expecting to find something crawling on me! After panicking about being crawled on I managed to flick whatever it was out of the bottom of my shirt and turned around to see what it was, spine crawling.

Well, it seems that it wasn't the warmth of my flat the ladybirds were after, but the warmth of my hot bod!

One of the little beasties was now sitting stunned on the floor, recouperating after being whacked around the head by my huge mitt.

I know, they can't and won't hurt me, but its just the fact that it crawled on me!!


Well, at least it wasn't the spider that joined me in my bed whilst on holiday. That would probably have freaked me out more...


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