Grumpy Post

All dressed up and nowhere to go :-(

I was supposed to be meeting my cuz and his new wife in London tonight, as they are here this weekend for her thirtieth birthday, gallavanting around the capital to do all the interesting things people do there.

So why am I sitting here, posting?

The trains are buggered. I'd heard this morning that there were problems but figured they would be sorted by tonight. How naive!

Checking the Journey Check website for Silverlink, there are no trains to Euston from where I am within the next hour ... and its been saying that for the past hour. Fine. That's that cancelled then.

What about going out with mates? Only one person out of about seven bothered to reply and is already busy.

So here I sit, all psyched up for going out, with nowhere to go...

... and totally grumpy.


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