Mixed Moods

Right now, I am not a happy bunny.

Last week, I placed an ad in the Freecycle Watford Yahoo! group*, offering 12 cans of decorating paint to anyone who was interested. Surprisingly, I had half-a-dozen people show an interest so, rather than picking someone at random to have the paints, I decided to go on a first-come-first-served basis.

The first person was a lady called Linda who arranged to collect last Wednesday. She then couldn't make this and changed it to either saturday or sunday, which I agreed to. Unfortunately, I forgot I was going to the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon on Saturday, so had to mail her back to ask if she could make it Sunday. She agreed to this, saying that she should be here 'early afternoon'.

Well, it is now Sunday, it is well past 6pm and she still hasn't arrived or contacted me to say when she will be here.

Once again, I have had my time wasted waiting for someone else. That's two out of three times this has happened when dealing through Freecycle. I very much doubt I will ever be using them again.

Trying for a more upbeat note, I had a call from the producer of the next play for the Centralian Players yesterday, confirming that I am to be playing the part of Richard Higgs in the group's production of House of Secrets by Peter McKelvey. Scary and exciting news at the same time!

I know I would be looking forward to it more if it wasn't for this freecycle debacle.

Anyway, first rehearsal is tomorrow at 7:30pm, which should be interesting as there is one person there who I really do not trust. Apparently, this is quite justified too as, in the last play, he purposefully gave a wrong line to someone ... not what you would call teamwork, is it?!

* Freecycle is an excellent idea where people can give away stuff they no longer need instead of binning it, effectively a better form of recycling as there is always someone out there that wants something you've got. Unfortunately, it is open to abuse and bad manners.


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