Jack Of All Trades

Despite spending most of the weekend sleeping - gotta catch up on that lost hour somehow - I managed to get a fair bit of DIY done.

Getting myself motivated to get started on any DIY project is harder than getting Jeremy Clarkson to like the Perodua Kelisa.  However, once the ball is rolling, I do find that its hard to stop and I end up working on a list of things that have been waiting since I pretty much moved in ten years ago ... yeah, I'm not exactly the most motivated individual going when it comes to doing the chores!

So, driven by the need to fix the dripping tap in the bathroom, I spent the waking hours of the weekend yoyo-ing between B&Q and the flat and managed to get a reasonable amount of stuff done, including:
  • Fitting some nice satin nickel door handles to the kitchen units to replace the manky metal ones that have been there for the last ten years.

  • Attempting to replace the tap washers and ending up replacing the whole of the tap tops on both the bath and the sink: the decider was when the cold tap came off in my hand!  So I now have some more stylish tap tops ... and a not so wet bathroom :-)

  • Finally fitted the brass door numbers and peephole that I bought however many years ago to smarten up the front door.  I just need to get hold of a decent letterbox now ... and a pot of paint to cover over the grubby marks.

  • Vacuumed the toolbox ... hey, it was grubby, and there's nothing to say that a toolbox shouldn't be clean!
Listing all the work makes me think that I actually didn't do very much at all this weekend, but to be honest, most of it was done on the Sunday afternoon and being the anal careful person I am, probably took me a lot longer than it would take a 'professional' to do it albeit a damned sight cheaper!!!

Seeing how easy it is to do DIY - though I can't say I particularly relish the thought of welding pipes - its hard to see how people can get their places to such a state that they feel the need to call DIY SOS...


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