Sweet Temptation

In something akin to a Biblical story line, I have finally succumbed to Steve Jobs' serpent* and bitten into the Apple ... I've ordered a MacBook!

No longer shall I be exposed to the elements via open Windows (in theory, anyway) or require the finances and power grid of a small nation to run the latest OS ... I can also look forward to a better wardrobe**!!

I've been dithering over them for a number of years now, but with the release of the new models and my cousin making the leap from PC to Mac, I finally took the plunge. It helps that I'm already getting into the Mac mindset with a burning desire to own an iPod Touch at some point in the future. Hopefully, very near in the future.

So fingers crossed, within the next couple of weeks I will have a new machine in my grubby mitts to play with. I would probably be excited if I wasn't so nervous: things have a tendency to go wrong when I spend lots of money!

If the past is anything to go by, one of two things will happen. Either a) it won't work and I'll spend weeks getting it sorted (the washing machine saga comes to mind, which has been running for a couple of years now), or b) I'll power it up, try a couple of apps, put it away and not see it for a couple of weeks due to being too busy!

I have to confess, I would much rather it turn out to be the latter.
* * * * *
Bagless hoovers. What nut job thought those things up??

After this weekend, I can appreciate the benefits of having a bagged hoover: namely, when it comes to emptying, you pull out one bag, place it neatly in the bin and place a new one into the machine. Job done, with nary a mess made.


It is not possible to empty one of these buggers without looking like you've just starred in a Laurel and Hardy film. So much for bloody HEPA filters! I swear I could hear all the dust mites shouting in unison "We're free!".

* Oh, please! Stop lowering the tone!
** Assuming I can make space in my existing one...


Cath said…
You're doing it wrong. I've got our Dyson down to a dust free art now.....and no, I'm not coming round to empty yours! After you just rinse them out and leave to dry.....save the environment and all that. Or you could just be a tramp and never hoover.
OddThomas said…
Ah, but I don't have a Dyson, I have a Hoover :-)

Shame it's not a bagged hoover cos I can think of soooooo many innuendos in response!!
Tim said…
You will absolutely *love* your Mac - honest!

Good choice!
OddThomas said…
I admit I'm counting down the days. I'm almost permanently logged in to the Apple site, willing the delivery dates to change to something sooner!

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