You know life is dull when... get excited about the vacuum having all its suction back!

I don't know what came over me, but after properly cleaning the vacuum last week, a slight thrill quivered through me as I turned it on for the first time today and it sucked up the carpet in an apparent attempt to eat it. Perhaps I'm imagining things, but I'm sure some of the carpet pile has been revived.

However, that thrill didn't compare to the one I got when I received a mail from Apple yesterday saying my MacBook is on its way! Yay!!!


Cath said…
I take it you don't watch Bizarre ER then?! A circus dwarf got his willy stuck in an over zealous hoover...hoping that's not the reason you got excited...!!!
OddThomas said…
One of the advantages of not having a TV right now is that I miss the finer broadcasts! And I guarantee that my hoover is only used for purpose for which it was designed - sucking carpets, not sucking people.

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