Well, that's it. All done. Finished. Finito.

I must admit that once again I have mixed feelings about the play being over. On the one hand, its great not to have intensely-jangled nerves every night, but on the other hand ... I'm now a bit lost!

The great thing about a drama group like The Centralian Players is that it is a good little social circle to join. Rehearsing twice a week means you get to see more than just work colleagues and potentially the odd new face or two (in some cases, very odd). Its also an excellent distraction from work which, lets face it, we all need from time to time.

I certainly do with what is going on at the moment...

Anyhoo, you're probably wondering how the whole thing went?

Well, the feedback we have had from each night is that it was excellent, which gave us all a huge boost, as you would expect. Bearing in mind that the hall generally seats 100 people per production, we were looking at 96, 93 and 101 people in the audience for each night! Excellent!!

Something I hadn't realised - and am absolutely glad that nobody told me - was that the reviewer from NODA had turned up on the final night. She was due to arrive on the Thursday night but couldn't make it for some reason, so one of the committee members contacted her to see if she would be coming another night.

According to an ex-member of the group who sat next to her, she really enjoyed the production, so fingers crossed for a half-decent review ... which will be my very first since I joined the group.

I don't know how I have succeeded in doing this, but every production I have been in, the reviewers from NODA and the local press have always backed out. I must emit some kind of pheromone that keeps them all away!* Not a bad thing as it means I don't get distracted and end up worrying about what they are going to write.

Nobody wants a bad review.

* Okay, my nerves do have a tendency to make me emit gas!


Cath said…
I know, I can smell ya from 3 roads away....oh wait, is that your fish?!
OddThomas said…
I think its more my acting that is fishy!

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