Where did all the time go?!

Close your eyes for a second and BAM, you suddenly find you've lost nearly two weeks!

As fantastic as it would be, I certainly don't have the abilities of Hiro Nakamura, so I must have been subject to the usual issue of Time sneaking unseen past my back in its little ninja suit. The cheeky bastard.

Since I returned from Egypt*, my time has been taken up with two things: work and drama, though work does tend to be very much a drama in its own right, as I think most of you will agree!!

For those of you who pop by regularly, you will be familiar with the little dance The Boss and I have been engaged in. If not, check out the last post on this subject from last year.

Bascially, upon my return The Boss asked me in for a quick meeting before he disappeared off out for the day, where he straight out asked me about my filling the directorship role he has been offering since the dawn of time.

I have been avoiding this role mostly because there has been no definition to it and I was (and still am), uncertain of my legal and financial obligations. I'm guessing that he doesn't actually like the answer I have given him on numerous previous occassions, hence the reason for asking again about filling the position for the umpteenth time. My response?


He had caught me at exactly the right moment: relaxed, good humoured and positive ... and ever so slightly resigned to the fact that he wasn't going to give up until I agreed to it.

So, it looks like yours truly will be company director at some point in the near future, responsible for software development and integration. Exciting, but also quite daunting...

...a phrase which also applies to the latest play!

Last night was the technical rehearsal for the latest production, Two and Two Make Sex, and was complete with pretty much all the props and costumes ... yes, including the red undies, Mickey Mouse t-shirt and the purple fuzzy suit which looks like it should have covered the windows of a pimp's boudoir before Julie Andrews took her scissors to them.

For some very scary reason, I haven't been nervous about this play. This really isn't good as I am not totally confident with my lines, as was borne out during last night's stumble-through. The things that really threw me were having to wear +1 reading glasses which are miles too strong for me and send me off balance whenever I turn my head, and the soda syphon incident**.

Well, we do have two more rehearsals before opening night this Thursday, so hopefully we will iron out the handful of glitches before then. I might also learn my lines better before then, too!!

From what I understand, there are still plenty of tickets to be sold as we have roughly forty pre-booked seats for each night so far. That said, plenty of people do just turn up on the door so it would be a wise move to pre-book ... go on, you know you want to ;-)

* The second part of the holiday diary is currently underway! If you haven't read the first part, you can check it out here, if you feel so inclined :-)
** There is a piece with a soda syphon that I won't ruin for you by describing here ... you'd best come and see it ;-)


Cath said…
**News flash!!** OT was "relaxed..and positive". Oh my, are you sickening for something?!

I know how these bosses operate though; they hound you into the ground before you finally resign yourself to whatever arduous task they want you to do. Mine's like yours in too many respects. He quite often sets up meetings and then vanishes into oblivion.....which isn’t a bad thing actually!

Quite intrigued about these red undies though…..
OddThomas said…
I think it was the positive affect of diving in the Red Sea ... I was still floating there for at least a week afterwards!!!

Really can't wait to get back...

Well, if you want to see the red undies, you know what to do :-)
Cath said…
Call you?!
OddThomas said…
Ahhh, you're after that private showing again!!

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