Surface Gloss

One of the advantages of being a programmer is that it is possible to work from home on occasion ... employer permitting, of course!

Thankfully, my boss is pretty good with us having to work from home when we need to as we generally don't do it all that often. This is incredibly useful when you receive a letter from the maintenance company telling you that you have to be available at some point over a two-day period for a new intercom to be installed.

Hoorah for the new intercom - this one hasn't been working for over a year - but two days??

Considering I only get a basic twenty days holiday, being able to work from home is something of a boon when having to deal with this kind of self-centred business manner.

However, after many months of waiting for it to be fixed, and a speedy job by the engineer involved (I only needed to work from home on Monday), I now have a fully functioning, brand spanking new intercom. Okay, its not a video one - which would have been great - but at least I no longer have to risk a thirty foot drop as I lean out of the window to ask who is there!

It wasn't until Tuesday that I actually got a look at the new panel and discovered a rather snazzy chromed panel had been installed, which will be great when it comes to selling the place ... pity about the cheap plastic phone on the other end.

I wonder how long before the gloss wears off...


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