Cats are Cool

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of cats, mostly due to the fact that they cause my immune system to get into a bit of a tizz: I once had conjunctivitis so bad I thought I was going to lose my eye ... it was like poking an over-ripe tomato that couldn't hold it's shape.  Horrifying.

What with the manky eye, asthmatic-breathing, red splotches everywhere and a nose that was running faster than the bathroom tap, I wouldn't have looked out of place in some kind of horror movie.  Who needs new strains of virus when a cat can do the job?!

But despite my body's need to freak out at the mere sight of a cat, I can't help going 'Awwww' when I see something like this:

Awwwwww, bless!

It's a shame they grow up, isn't it?!  But then, if they didn't, you wouldn't get excellent vids like this one:

Still not a fan of cats?  Then perhaps musical hamsters are more your style... :-)


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