My Wii Life

Well, I am now all jabbed up with innoculations for the holiday to Sri Lanka, and quite a heady mix it was: Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Polio and Tetanus. I'm just disappointed there were no hallucinatory side-effects ... it would certainly have made work more interesting if there were Sprites hopping around the place!

Then again, with the new work comp arriving yesterday, its probably best there is nothing around to mess things up for me - I'm totally capable of doing that myself.

Because I had to go to the docs for the jabs on Tuesday, my boss asked me to work at the customer site, which was nearby, so he could ha
ve a chat with me. When we did finally get to talk, we broached the subject of my future position in the company.

Quite rightly, he has always been of the impression that I did not want to be a director in the company. However, since those early days I have started to change my mind and told him that it was my lack of self-confidence that was holding me back, which he agreed with.

So, the plan now is for him to hire a life coach for everyone to talk to in order to boost morale and to try to help people take responsibility for their work life. This includes talking to me about my oddities and helping me gain confidence in myself and, perhaps, become less of a perfectionist *shudder*. Then, if I still want to go ahead with things, he will send me on the appropriate management courses. Woohoo!

As much as I enjoy development work, its probably about time I moved on and let someone better take my place.

* * * * *
So, all-in-all, Tuesday was a pretty good day. That is, until I got home and tried playing the Wii.

Horror of horrors, though half-expected, my little white bundle of fun wouldn't read the Sports disc, instead flashing at me this nerve-jangling message accompanied by a rather unpleasant sound from the disc drive...

And what does the manual say? Yup, you got it: turn it off and on again!

Several attempts and discs later, still no luck, so I did the only thing I could do ... I growled!


Odd, yes, but
good if you want to avoid doing an impression of Superman kicking a football ... though if I could kick it that far, I probably still wouldn't be able to kick it straight ... I'm not exactly known for my coordination skills!

Refusing to be defeated, I remembered that one of the games had performed an update and that Foshie had had to perform an internet update on his, which I hadn't done yet. Surprisingly, I was able to set up Wi-fi really easily (I still can't get my PC or PSP to use this - though the PSP works if I turn off encryption), and performed an update.

Ohhhhh, the relief ... though a few bouts in the ring helped get rid of some of the aggression!!

So last night was spent Wii-ing YouTube ... in a manner of speaking!


Cath said…
Ohhhh, for a minute there you had me worried! I feared the worst! The worst being that I would never again get the chance to beat the crap out of you! In the least violent way of course ;-)
OddThomas said…
Never fear, IT Guy is here!
Cath said…
I always fear when IT guys are here! Present company excepted of course!
Anonymous said…
I believe the follow up to the Wii will be called the Number 2!
OddThomas said…

Perhaps Nintendo could do with a the techy equivalent of a laxative as they seem to be having problems getting stock out!

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