Doesn't time fly...

...when you're having fun?!

Well, maybe not always fun, but certainly when there is plenty of stuff to occupy your mind.

After the shenanigans of last week, I wasn't sure if I would be welcome to GB's and JM's leaving drink, but JM apologised on the Wednesday for the stressed texts and said that he had contacted me out of frustration, which I had already guessed but it was nice to hear ... especially as it meant I could now have a drink! I don't get out that much, so the opportunity to relax and have a couple of bevvies is a welcome respite from the constant brain-ache!

On the Saturday my Dad came up to visit without my Mum as she wasn't feeling well, so we popped over to see my Aunt who appears to be regaining her eyesight! She is currently registered blind and so is the proud owner of a white stick she can beat people with, but she can still see a little and needs the kind of reading aids that make print large enough to be read from the moon.

However, this year she has been bouncing around the local hospital suffering from anaphylaxis, which I gather was down to medication but also from eating cucumber*. So, to help her out, her friends have been praying for her and, it appears, that in the past 6 weeks not only has my aunt not suffered from anaphylaxis, but her vision has improved and she can now clearly see copyright marks on hymn sheets - perhaps she should be a new character in Heroes!

The weather was pretty good, so we headed to a pub for lunch - suggestively called the Fallow Buck, opposite Flash Lane! Haha, we Brits and our penchant for odd names!

Or am I just odd in the head?!

A tour of the nurseries and a few cups of tea later and my Aunt was safely stored away back in her flat whilst my Dad and I headed to PC World and Toys'R'Us ... where I was this close »•« to buying a Wii!! However, I resisted and we returned to my flat where we had quite a deep chat.

Sunday brought with it more good weather and a trip to Waddesdon Manor with Foshie where there were even more cars to photograph, this time a handful of old Invictas and all of them in great condition. I didn't see anyone with the old Biggles goggles though, which would have added a bit more character to the photos!!

Then yesterday I finally succumbed to the Tug of Tech or Gotta-have-a-gadget-itis ... I bought the Wii!

I blame Cath who wouldn't let me out of Toys'R'Us until I had spent some money ... I was just gonna settle for a packet of Minstrels ;-)

Now before you all complain about my not getting a real console, let me placate you by confirming that I will be buying the PS3 later in the year, once I have bought an appropriate HD TV. I figured that since Sony are ditching the 20GB version and releasing an 80GB version later in the year (though heaven only knows why they don't fit a 350GB or 500GB with current prices), then I might as well wait until the Christmas pitch starts as the prices should drop and there will be better package options available.

So be quiet as I will join your merry ranks in due course ... just don't expect any great gameplay skill!!!

I have to say that there is some good tech behind the Wii and Cath and I had a great night beating the living crap out of each other: which was apparently the best night she had had in a long time ... glad to know I can hit all the right buttons :-D

* I knew there was a reason to dislike the stuff - anything that can be used as a sex toy should never be eaten!


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