Off in La-La Land

Cor blimey guv'nor, 'as it been that long since last we spoke?!?!

I guess I've been a bit out of it lately, disappearing off on one of my lows. Or as my old friend Michelle would say, off having my monthlies: all the mood swings only without the gore.

Unfortunately, I've been pretty quick to anger these past couple of weeks, and have snapped at my family, my colleagues and my boss, though there is still a part of me that thinks one or two of them deserved it!

As I went to see the docs about my asthma which has been playing up for the first time in about five years (so I am now back on the ventolin *sigh*), I figured I should ask about my mood problems. He felt that it wasn't family that was the problem, but work (won't argue with that), and said I need to take some time out ... what a stroke of luck, as I'm off to Sri Lanka next week for my cousin's wedding!

Though if I don't come back in a better mood, I need to go back and see him...

So, I guess a fair bit has happened since I last posted, I just can't remember much of anything! This is about all I can remember:
  • I finally bought my suit, shirt and shoes for the wedding, with a little fashion assistance from Foshie. I saw some nice, light beige shoes in Next, but as he pointed out, light shoes with a light suit would just make my legs look really long and I'd look like I had no feet. Last thing I want is to look like a stick man, especially with my cousin being so much shorter than me, so I took his advice and bought some darker tan shoes which go much better.

    Of course, I had to buy a matching belt, too!

  • I finally sorted out some money to take with me, though I think I may need some more.

  • My bank account was stopped as I was spending too much money - not helpful while trying to sort out for a holiday, but the security aspect is appreciated.

  • I bought the Epson P-5000 photo viewer but still haven't decided if I am going to take my camera on holiday with me or not

  • I lost my application form for the great north run, so haven't been able to fix a place.

  • After the rather heated discussion I had with my boss the Friday before last, there was an amazing example of perfect timing when an employment agency contacted me out of the blue, on the same day, to see if I was looking for work. Needless to say, in the high state of emotion I was in at the time, I said yes, so they put me forward for a job in Luton. I haven't heard anything since, but at least it perked me up for a couple of days. Maybe that's all it was intended to do...

  • I had a heart-to-heart chat with my Dad (well, as heart-to-heart as you can get over the phone), where he admitted that over the past couple of weeks, he has realised that I am more like him than he previously thought. Which isn't great news as he was put out to pasture by his employer due to stress-related illnesses.

    I need to be stronger.

  • I slept a lot

  • Went to a friend's BBQ where I met the most adorable 2-year-old who reminded me of an animé character, and who I managed to make laugh by wobbling my head and stomping my feet, which was cool. Also made me feel slightly broody!

    I also discovered that the friends I had been keeping away from because of my bad moods really did miss me, which made me feel a little emotional - good job I was leaving at the time.

  • Slept some more

  • Finally caught up with Doctor Who ... ooooh, tense!
And now, here I am back at work, getting support calls from a customer on a job that finished 3 months ago and who hasn't actually paid for any further support.

I am soooooooooo looking forward to getting away, despite the stresses of new things!!!


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