Not So Happy Chappy

Sorry, but this posting is going to be a whinge!

Hopefully, that old addage of a problem shared is a problem halved will be true - so as I appear to have four consistent readers, perhaps it will be quartered?!?!

Just lately, things have not been going all that well: a couple of weeks ago my washing-machine-slash-tumble-dryer went tits up for the fourth time, giving me an F-13 error again; my Wii gave me not just a disc read error, but a proper full-on error, followed closely by the replacement I got last night; and my home computer now reboots itself after five minutes with an error and no warning of what caused it.

Add to this a customer that doesn't have a clue what they want and a boss who [edited rant here!] and I'm sure you get an idea why I'm reaching the end of my tether. Oh, and there is a REALLY annoying alarm going off outside the offices at the moment, that doesn't want to stop.

All of which explains why I currently have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp!



On an up note, I saw this sign when I went for a calming walk in the rain at lunchtime...

It's the first two lines that got me...


Cath said…
Classic sign!

Hope you've had a good weekend and have managed to get some wii-ing in!
OddThomas said…
Did get some in, but am having the same prob with the new console as I was with the first :-(

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