Expanding Horizons

Blimey, I've only gone and done it!

"Done what?" I hear you ask.

I've only gone and joined the Facebook revolution ... well, more of a band-wagon than a revolution, really!

I had joined a couple of months ago, but decided that I didn't need yet another site to maintain, so dropped the account within a few minutes. Then I overheard a number of friends discussing it at the BBQ at the weekend and figured I might as well try it again ... it had to be better than the abysmal MySpace experience I had a couple of months ago: in their defense, I happened to pick a day when they were having overload problems.

Darn it if I'm not now addicted and distracted!!

But how long before the initial addiction wears off and it becomes just another site with not a lot happening?? Only time will tell...

One thing I didn't realise is that there is something of a class war going on between Facebook and MySpace. Apparently, MySpace attracts the more hip'n'happening crowd whilst Facebook attracts the more academically minded ... allegedly!

This is a view that is bound to upset someone, somewhere, so all I can say is don't shoot the messenger! I'm only commenting!!

So how would you class those individuals who have profiles on both sites? Do they have schizophrenic tendencies, or are they both smart and creative?!

Or indecisive??

If its the latter, then look out for my own MySpace page very soon!!!

* * * * *

It seems that yesterday was my day for creating accounts left, right and centre as I also signed up at BlogCatalog in order to try and publicise this very blog. Okay, I probably won't increase my readership as there is nothing here of particular relevance to anyone other than those who know me, but you never know what knew friends you're gonna meet, right??

What I didn't realise was that BlogCatalog is more than just a blog directory, functioning as a community site, too. Okay, not to the same levels as those mentioned above, but a nice and simple community site where you can make new 'friends' and locate a ton of interesting blogs to read.

Now all I gotta do is pluck up the courage to leave a comment on the blog of someone I don't know!!


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