Its Boycotting Time

As of now, I have decided to make a stand - albeit a lonely one - against over-priced newsagent, Martin's.

With over 1300 stores nationwide, how can they justify their excessive prices??

An example in point, I like to buy a Mars bar (or two) at lunchtimes, along with a bottle of Summer Fruits Oasis and, currently, a can of Red Bull. The price difference between Martin's and the local Tesco is a staggering £1.25 - perhaps not a lot in ordinary terms but added up over time this is money that, as a consumer, I could be putting to better use.

So, the intention is now to shop at Tesco ... until they do something to upset me!

However, in the meantime, my sense of injustice has gotten the better of me and I have fired off the following email to their customer services:


Subject: Price Query

Dear Sirs

I am writing as a member of the consuming public to ask you to justify your prices when compared to the likes of Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda. Whilst I understand that Martin McColl is not as large as these organisations, with upwards of 1300 stores nationwide you are not, by any means, a small organisation.

As an example of my grievance, I would like to demonstrate the differences between the local Tring stores of Martin's and Tesco, on three products that I purchase regularly and the prices of which I have noted down today. These are:

* Standard size Mars bar.

Martin's: 52p
Tesco: 39p
Difference of 13p

* Summer Fruits Oasis, 500ml bottle.

Martin's £1.69
Tesco: 87p
Difference of 82p

* Single can of Red Bull, 250ml.

Martin's: £1.29
Tesco: 99p
Difference of 30p

As you can calculate from the above prices, the total cost of purchase from Martin's is a staggering £1.25 higher than the local supermarket. What is even more insulting is the recent 'deal' on bottles of Oasis to buy one get one free, with the price hiked to £1.79 per bottle, equivalent to a rounded price of 90p per bottle.

I would appreciate a candid response at your earliest possible convenience.

Kind regards

If I get a response, I shall post it here...


Cath said…
"Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves." Never a truer phrase spoken. That's one hell of a difference in price though, and the savings could go towards stocking up your empty cupboards again!
OddThomas said…
Aye, that's true!

Haven't heard anything out of them yet, but I guess I won't.

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