Oh What A Night...

Crikey, what a weekend!

As I've been staying up late recently (my system is just about capable of playing Crysis), I ended up sleeping in longer on Saturday than I had originally intended, which meant racing round town trying to find the last bits for the US Serviceman uniform I was trying to put together.

I have to say a big thanks to eBay users epic_militaria, daveblower and maxmoo2 who all provided a sterling service getting my bits to me in time - thanks guys!!

For those of you that haven't read any previous posts, this post should explain the need for the outfit...

So, I arrived, all dressed up in my gear and camo face paint ... 15 minutes late! My sense of time is getting worse. I think I knew about one-third of the people there, but have only met them a couple of times so was outside of my comfort zone again. All good stuff to tell the life coach tomorrow!!

The host, Julie Noted, had done a great job organising the Café Resistance and laying on some quality food whilst we all tried to figure out who murdered Herr Bevore (there were some great names in that café!). I shared a table with café owner Franc Le Orrful, General Kopov and Frau Nallott, and we all suspected it was someone on one of the other tables.

Well, they suspected. I already knew for sure it was one of the people at our table ... yes, it was me! I did it! Herr Bevore was actually my father and I was half-German ... oh, the shame! So I killed him with an exploding Brattwurst ... apparently, he liked a good bit of sausage.

Although perhaps I didn't get quite into the spirit of things as much as everyone else ... I just can't seem to do an American accent ... I did make up for it later once I had had a bit to drink. Unfortunately, a little too much to drink with the JD and Amaretto flowing freely into ever larger glasses until I hit a point where the world disappeared.

!! Warning !!
!! Those with a sensitive stomache should stop reading now and go pet an animal!!

I can't remember at what point I lost it, but I do remember clambering upstairs and barely making it to the bathroom before re-enacting a scene from The Exorcist.

All over the bathroom floor.

I couldn't believe I had reached a point where I had totally lost control of my body. I was mortified.

I still am.

In the 12 years I have been drinking, this is the fourth time I have gotten so bad. Totally shameful. I cleared up as much as I could ... before falling asleep on the throne, only to awoken by one of the guys banging on the door and threatening to break it down.

It wasn't until very late the next day, when I was eventually able to stay vertical for longer than 5 seconds ... and finally felt brave enough to face my good host ... that I discovered I had swum my way through half a standard bottle of Jack Daniels, the same amount of Amaretto, and a couple of short glasses of dessert wine.

Makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

The moral of this story? Don't pour proportional measures! If you have to use a bigger glass, that doesn't mean you have to add more alcohol!

In the meantime, I have some grovelling to do...


Anonymous said…
I can remember in my younger days paying my respects to the throne.

I've always wanted to do the murder mystery thing. It sounds like a lot of fun.
OddThomas said…
It is a lot of fun, especially if you get a group of people that don't mind going all out on their outfits. Our host had put a lot of effort into recreating a little French café and everything, which really helped set the mood ... but then she is known across the county for her fancy dress parties, so we couldn't expect anything different :-)

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