Tring Betty

Tring appears to be composed of two main groups of individuals: youngsters and wrinklies.

With a Performing Arts school attracting the next generation of celebrity wannabes and a range of charity shops attracting the Walking Stick Brigade, its easy to see why most of the kids are pretty well behaved around here: even I wouldn't want to meet any of the grannys round here down a dark alley. If there was ever a battle to be held between the two groups (Tring Park will do as the battle ground), I'd put my money on the older generation!

Yesterday, I had my first interaction with one of the WSB members; a little slip of a woman who goes by the name of Betty. I say she goes by that name because it is apparently not her real name!

I won't give any personal details away*, but she managed to condense a rather interesting 83-year life story into 1½ hours whilst I was on my 1 hour lunch break. Yes, I was late back to work, but hey, I didn't have the heart to stop her mid-flow.

Now I can't get her out of my head, though this lunchtime I did enter the shop James Bond style in an effort to avoid being cornered again and having to make up more time!

All I did was get a sandwich off the top shelf for her.


* Unlike Betty herself who promptly informed me of a whole range of personal details that, personally, I would never consider telling a complete stranger!!


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