Old Mother Hubbard

I have cupboard space!

After years of clogging up my cupboards* with nearly decades old tins and jars of ridiculously preserved food, I have finally had a clearout.

When I arrived home from my Mum's birthday party last weekend, I did the usual thing of dumping everything in the living room. This Saturday, I decided it was about time to start putting things away so, after spending half the day in Presence drinking coffee, eating chocolate chunk shortbread and learning my lines, I decided to start putting stuff away.

Unfortunately, I was in just the right mood to clean ... headphones on and listening to my eclectic music collection that would make my peers blush with embarrassment, let alone my niece and nephew ... so cleaning the dust off the top of the fridge-freezer to make room for the alcohol triggered a bit of a frenzy.

I seriously did have food stuffs nearly a decade old! Don't believe me, then check the date in the pic on the right here...

... June 1999!!!

I know this stuff is pumped full of preservatives that will probably see it right through to the next Millenium, but I don't think anyone will really want to find out what it tastes like after all that time, so I chucked it. In fact, I chucked everything that was out of date, even stuff like herbs and spices that just lose some of their strength ... all binned.

Before any of you green-heads get your patched-jackets and paisley y-fronts in a twist, the food went into household and the jars and tins into recycling! Yes, I have my issues with it, but that doesn't mean I don't do my bit where it makes sense.

This little lot is pretty much everything from one shelf, so you get an idea of how much I went through, though there was only about two food cupboards and one medicine cupboard.

Actually, Jamie Oliver is to blame for this little lot!

My Mum bought me his first Naked Chef book for Xmas one year and I did as he said and bought all these herbs and spices ... and then never cooked anything!

It proved to be a bit pointless going to all that effort for just one person...**

So, after the grand clearout, what did the cupboards look like?

No avalanche ... in fact, pretty much no real food at all ... though I do have all the ingredients required to make another cake!

* By which I mean bracing against an avalanche whenever a cupboard door is opened.
** No need to break out the violin here, I've been on the go pretty much the whole time anyway.


Cath said…
I beg you to please alter your last asterix-ed point before I am required to make some kind of innuendo that'll make us both blush into next week!
OddThomas said…
Ah, yes, read on its own I can see where you are coming from! Tut tut!! ;-)

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