Friday Round-Up

A couple of weeks ago, I succeeded in completing a website implementation using Immediacy CMS for one of our customers (feel free to check it out here*). A week later they went live and their CEO sent an email to them thanking everyone for a job well done and for all of the effort they put into it.

Did our CEO - who also happens to be my line manager - mirror the gesture to his own staff? Did he buggery! Another successful project under my belt and he couldn't even congratulate me on a job well done.

Thanks for the support!

All week I have been carrying out further tweaks and adding in some nifty workaround coding to get round the limitations of several of the plugins, helping the girl at the customer site who has been lumbered with the content management. Its been great, helping someone do a successful job, and she is always grateful for the effort that is put in.

Around 9am this morning, a box arrived by DHL with a logo for Bettys emblazoned on the side. At first, I thought it was something for The Boss but then I noticed my name, which was confusing as I hadn't ordered anything lately. Looking at the label, the description for the contents was down as confectionary. I certainly couldn't remember ordering any sweets, but immediately liked the idea that I could have a nibble on something other than my fingernails.

Opening the box, I discovered no less than FOUR cakes! That's FOUR soft, sweet, zesty, zingy, moist, mouth-watering, moorish bricks of belly-pleasing yumminess!! And all wrapped in the large bubble-wrap that is so satisfying to de-stress with - double whammy!!

As you can see in the pic, they were so yummy that one of my colleagues attacked the ginger one** before I had a chance to take the snap.

Anyway, still none-the-wiser as to why we were now in possession of these goodies, I dug around amongst the cheesy-wotsit packing until I found this printed note:

Now THATS how you say thanks for a job well done! The Boss should take note!!!

She then spent the rest of the day pestering me with work issues on MSN, but hey, anything for cake, right?!

Needless to say, she had me wrapped round her little finger today :-)
* * * * *
As usual, I wasn't particularly quick-witted today and was a bit late getting my phone camera out to snap some lunchtime entertainment.

I was just on my way back from Tesco, heading to Smooth to try another cappuccino, when I heard a whistle and some shouting up ahead where I could see a couple of guys running around the almost stationary traffic, before heading down the high street.

The first guy seemed to be quite normal and not sure what was going on, whilst the second guy was dressed as a comedy policeman with baggy suit, a whistle, and one of those tit-hats with a blue light on top, running after the first guy shouting: "Excuse me sir, is that your briefcase?!?!"

He was soon followed by a guy dressed up as a Sherlock Homes-style Inspector, asking people in a gruff voice: "Do you know that man?"

This had a fair few people chuckling ... good to see people still have a sense of humour!!

I suspect it might have had something to do with Pendley Court Theatre, but I can't be sure, so if anyone knows what was going on, let me know!!

* Ironically, this is my previous employer! Oh, and note the design - its a 'tweaked' version of the one I came up with!! And no, I didn't make it that big in my design - I'm much smarter than that!!
** Attacked in a fill-my-belly-now kind of way - we don't approve of attacking Gingers generally.


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