Review: Stranger Than Fiction

You've seen the trailers and the posters and never been tempted, but now you're curious. You fancy a night in with the missus and she doesn't fancy any of your hard action stuff*, so should you grab a copy of this DVD?

Well, I'm a big fan of Emma Thompson, and the plotline sounded similar to an idea for a book I was considering writing a number of years ago (only my version had a helluva lot more gore as I was heavily into horror novels back then), so curiousity got the better of me and I ended up buying it as part of a 3 for £20 deal at HMV**.

The plot boils down to one question: how would you live your life if you knew you were about to die?

As with all romantic comedies, there's a little bit of everything from the humour of the main character screwing up his chances to the emotional discovery that his death was inevitable.

No escape. No happy ending. Nada.

The more observant amongst you will delight in pointing out the continuity errors, but if you're other half looks like she's quite into the film, best keep your mouth shut: just keep an eye on the box of cookies in one scene, and the suitcase in another.

The acting is good (I like how Emma handled the writer's paranoia), the story is consistent and there is a very good chance it will leave your other half in tears. It won't blow you away, but then its not intended to.

Oh, and did I mention Maggie Gyllenhaal? Hmmmm, Maggie ... *sigh*

So, is it worth watching?

This is definitely a chick-flick, so for a cuddly evening in, it makes for a good watch if you can rent it. If you're gonna buy it as a present, check around for deals first: this cost me less than £7, so its cheaper than going to the cinema.

My Rating:

* Read into that what you will ;-)
** It also helped that Maggie Gyllenhaal starred as Will Ferrell's love interest. I would, of course, prefer Maggie to be my love interest, but I guess some things are never meant to be ... *sigh*


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