Last night, I took a break from studying and went with my mates Foshie and Smithy to see the new Transformers movie.

I have to confess that I was skeptical about it, and figured it would be another Hollywood big-bangs-equals-big-bucks approach to movie-making that seems to have been hitting the silver screen these past years: take Spiderman 3 as a prime example of Hollywood crassness *shudder*. However, a fair few people I know had already been to see Transformers and said it was like being 8 years old again.

I have to confess that I wasn't the coolest kid at school, having a tendency to bury my nose in an Enid Blyton adventure rather than gluing it to the TV, so it wasn't going to be possible for me to feel like a kid again watching this ... but it did grab my imagination!

Despite my reservations, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The humour was spot on, as was the action and, according to Smithy, so was the voice of Optimus Prime, which was a deep gravelly voice that suited the character.

Inevitably, there were a few weak spots with some awkward acting by some of the
supporting characters, and I have to admit that I was getting bored of watching the close-ups of a transformation for the umpteenth time: I get the message, they transform (funny that) and the CGI is great, now can we get on with the story please?!

At the end of the day, it was a damn good film worthy of annoying your neighbours with when it comes out on DVD ... crank up that volume!! :-)

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