Today, I made a bit of a faux pas.

Earlier in the week, it was my friend Abi's birthday and today she was having a BBQ to celebrate. Because I am so far behind with my studying, I figured on doing as much of this as possible and heading over there early evening, on the basis that if I went to the BBQ first I would spend the rest of the day there and get absolutely no studying done.

What I didn't count on was everything wrapping up early.

All the BBQs I have been to in the past have gone on well into the evening so I made the assumption that the same would happen here and that things would probably be a little more chilled by then. 7pm was my target time for leaving work*, but I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, so I stayed a bit longer.

By 8pm, everyone had apparently gone home and they were in the process of clearing up.

Some friend I turned out to be.

Sorry, Abi.

* Its easier to study at work as I have proper desk space there ... otherwise, I end up falling asleep on my bed!!


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