Apple Grumble

Trying to rehearse a play when your head is overheating and your sinuses are fighting the Battle of the Bugs is not recommended!

A couple of days ago, I appear to have picked up this year's winter bug from someone in the family and have been fighting it off with a combination of paracetamol (which I rarely take), and hot honey and lemon ... with a shot of Jack Daniels, of course!

I thought I was doing pretty good at keeping it away, but tonight it tried real hard to get a stranglehold on my system, turning my brain to mush so that all my sentences came out wrong and I suffered from more giggle-fits than ever before ... my leg now has little welts on it where I was pinching myself to stop the laughter: lucky I bite my nails or it would look like I'd been attacked by a Christmas Elf with nail clippers!

The chuckling disappeared pretty quick when I discovered that, for the second night of trying, all the petrol stations are out of petrol. After getting back from the family visit on Boxing Day with just under a quarter of a tank left and finding them all empty, I figured they would have filled up by today.

Ha! As if! That would require planning and organisation!

The pumps are still empty and I have less than an eigth of a tank left - barely enough to get me to work and certainly not enough to get me back again. So, assuming the trains are running - and I hear a rumour that they are not - it looks like an exceptionally early start to get my lonely, sorry, backside to an empty office in Tring for a handful of hours of doing sod all.

I could use the time on the train to study my lines or some tech stuff, I'm just no good at getting up at that time in the morning ... well, not consciously anyway!

What with suffering from this bug and having to expose my red cheeks to the cold morning air, it will be interesting to test that old idiom: an apple a day keeps the doctor away*.

* Okay, extremely ropey link to the post's title, but I couldn't think of another way of getting it in there! Though I guess I could have grumbled about not getting any of my Mum's apple crumble over Xmas!


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