Brumm Brumm

The weekend just passed saw the final stages of the FIA World Rally Championship held in South Wales ... and I was there to see it!

This was my first rally and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it ... though if I wasn't attempting to take photographs I would probably have gotten bored. Sorry!

Four of us headed up to Crychan for the first run in the morning and luckily got there early enough to get a decent parking space. It was a bit nippy, but keeping my hands in my Craghoppers when I wasn't taking pics helped keep me warm.

All-in-all, with the camera set to high-speed continuous shooting, I came away from the morning with a whopping 444 frames on the card! Of course, that doesn't mean any of them came out any good!

After arriving back home this morning at 1:20am and unable to sleep, I decided to download the pics to my PC and have a quick scan through for a couple of semi-decent ones to put onto Flickr. Here's a couple I quickly adjusted ... hopefully I'll get the chance to go through them properly at some point:

I know, nothing amazing there, but this was only my third motorsport event ... I really need to get myself the lens I've been promising myself and get out there to practice more!!

One thing I have come to realise is that sports photography is quite sadistic in a way. If you're not hoping to capture any decent pics of jumps, then its the crashes and prangs that make the interesting photos ... and what you end up hoping to see!

By no means do you want the occupants to be injured, but catching a shot of a car rolling makes for a far more interesting photo than one that's just whizzed past with no dust clouds or body parts* flying through the air.

* I'm talking car body parts here!


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