Mid-week Distraction!

After discovering yesterday that we have gone full circle on a customer project and are having to return to the very first approach we took six months ago ... and having the dread build up at the realisation that we are about to have exactly the same conversations that we had way back then ... it was a nice distraction when my cousin sent me some links to a couple of places on t'internet.

Top of the list is GearCrave and it's list of Top 10 Most Useless USB Gadgets Of All Time, from a USB Vacuum to a USB Snowman. Unfortunately, missing from the list are those can't-do-without delectables, the USB Humping Dog, the USB Rat Race and the USB Panic Button.

How many of you have actually bought any of these? If you have, I bet you've only bought them for other people as presents, haven't you? You evil bastards!

Closely following the tat-craze, came a rather imaginative interpretation of the Karma Sutra by a Flickr user called cszar. If you want to find out what two T-800 Terminators can get up to, check out his T-800 set - its excellent!

To finish with, why not check out (un)Facts, which had my colleague and I nearly wetting ourselves with laughter with such gems as:
Anyway, whilst you're all having a chuckle, I'm off to rehearsals: for the first time since starting this play, we have to do the whole thing ... and preferably without books!

My body is complaining at the thought already!!!


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