The Cost of Christmas

Why, oh why, do I let myself get caught out every Christmas?!

It seems that, as well as over-spending on presents for the family, I should really be putting money aside for the inevitable Christmas breakdown, too ... in addition to my hob's attempt to cook the worktop, my washer-dryer has given up the ghost for the fifth time!!

Ironically, the insurance company contacted me back in November to ask how it was doing and I told them it was doing fine, so they sent me the paperwork to apply for another year's insurance ... I think they thought they weren't going to have to pay out!

Mind you, so did I :-(

So, it looks like I'm going to spend another couple of weeks wearing old clothes I hardly wear because I can't get them washed ... good job I haven't been able to take them down to the charity shop yet, otherwise, I would need to buy them back!

I guess that also means I'm going to have to buy an airer for all the wet clothes that keep getting stuck in it...

With all this, the almost-full credit card, the holidays being planned for the new year and the long list of gadgets I keen to get my grubby mitts on, perhaps I should have accepted the job offer the boss made.


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