60 Seconds of Fame

Any budding Spielbergs out there fancy 60 seconds of fame?

Well, if you do, those wonderful BAFTA luvvies, in association with the colourful Orange, have opened up a competition to the public (I'm assuming they do this every year?), called 60 Seconds of Fame.

Basically, it is your task to script, direct, produce and upload a film of no longer than ... um ... 60 seconds ... geddit?!

I wouldn't mind doing something like this myself but there is soooooo much to be doing that I just do not have the time so, for anyone who does want to do it be aware that a) the film has to be based around the theme of "Unite", and b) you have to get your skates on as uploads are only being accepted up to 5pm on 4 January 2008!

Good luck if you decide to go for it and let me know when you post anything!


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