My friend Cath is a sweet, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, demure young lady ... and is capable of innuendo that would make your Granny blush!

She is also a total radio whore!

On Tuesday, she went with her mate to play with Michael's Bubl├ęs at Wembley Arena, and then hung around stalker-style to capture the young gent before he could escape. Whilst waiting for him to show his face, she phoned Simon Beale at Heart 106.2 FM to explain her dastardly plan ... to wait.

As she had already been waiting an hour, Simon asked her to call back but managed to call her back first, and here is their conversation:

Sorry, we can't play the audio for you here!

Apparently, she calls Heart a lot and can often be heard chatting Jamie Theakston up in the early hours when phoning up for iPlay!



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