Boycott: No. 2

Okay, so who's next on the list?

PC World.


Last night I visited their Watford store down by Bushey Arches, after popping into Comet and Currys to see if I could find a suitable hob unit to replace my knackered one. As I was in the area, I thought I would have a look about to see if there was anything I could get for the pooter: I was in half a mind to buy a joystick for a couple of the games I own.

As always, when I am on a general browse for spending money, I went up and down each aisle, stopping when I saw something of interest, whilst at the same time talking to my Mum on the phone about possible Christmas presents for people. It was one of those half-hearted shops where you're attention is divided, so you just wander.

I got about one-third of the way around the store before storming out: everywhere I went, their security guard was several feet behind me. Just to be sure I wasn't being paranoid, I stopped halfway down an aisle as he went past the end and, sure enough, within a few seconds he had come back and was watching me.

I was livid, so livid that I very nearly said some rather offensive four-letter words whilst talking to my Mother ... in fact, writing this all down is getting me angry all over again!!

How dare the arrogant SOB treat me like that! I have NEVER stolen anything and never intend to, so to be treated like a criminal really, really riled me.

So, boycott number 2.

Unlike the Martin McColl complaint, I have not e-mailed PC World ... as they have provided a nice little feedback survey that I took great delight in completing!

Why not take the opportunity to complete it yourself?! I'm sure they would appreciate any feedback. >:->

Oh, and on the subject of Martin McColl, just over a week ago I emailed them back to ask why I hadn't received any kind of communication from them. Nothing. Nada. Totally ignored me.

I don't like being ignored.

Anybody like the new header image?? I wiped out my Flickr account forgetting the header was stored there, so I spent last night sorting this new one out. The image is one of many I took of Rydal Water in the Lake District, the one day I got up early enough to be sitting by the water before the Morning Chorus started. Mad.


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