Petrol Patrol

Its certainly worth getting up at 5:45 in the morning to go and get petrol before the masses get going for the day!!

I was half-set to go into work by train today, so put my alarms* on really early in order that I could at least check out the petrol station before heading for a train.

As I pulled into the station, I could see yellow boards and black-and-yellow tape wrapped round the various pumps, as though a row of half-wit Daleks had crashed through a police barrier and had succeeded in getting tangled up in the tape. But things were hopeful as there were two vehicles sitting by pumps, so I figured there must still be something available.

It turned out that these were the only two pumps and all they had on offer was the super stuff that costs a fortune ... 106.9p per litre ... about ninety percent of which goes into government pockets, never to be seen again!

Figuring that it could be a while until they refill their tanks, I decided to fill up. It has to be the most expensive fill-up ever for my car at £47! Usually, I can just scrape it up to £40 :-(

Such an early start meant that I wasn't thinking straight ... and I headed to work! What a muppet! I could have headed home and had another hour's kip before heading into work, but no, I had to just carry on and ended up in work just after 7:00am.


* Note the plural! I have a clock radio with two alarms on it, a phone, and a battery operated thing that yells at me if I don't get up .. and which has suffered more spankings than my monkey ... *cough*


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