Curly Wurly, Anyone?

Something you will always find in an IT department is a number of shelves given over to a range of technical books dating back to the last century - and some might think the century before that!

We have a fair range of books to peruse when we get stuck, most of which are several decades old, but a large chunk of which are on loan from our current customer: since we took their IT department it made sense to take their technical reference too.

However, there are a couple of only slightly out-of-date books that The Boss bought for a project a couple of years ago and which he kept at home. It is for one of these books that I reached this morning.

The interesting thing about picking up a book that The Boss has had at home for a while is what can be found lurking within the pages, i.e. crumbs from some lunch or a piece of paper with odd words on that are not related to the subject matter.

What you certainly don't expect to find staring back at you is a pubic hair!

I have an uncontrollable urge to wash my hands now...


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