Looking up

Finally, I have gotten off my widening backside to knock out a quick update! What's the bet this turns into a marathon post?!

Well, Thursday finally saw my washer-dryer fixed for the umpteenth time: its only taken 4 weeks and 3 visits to achieve this ... this time. The reason? The engineer who came on the second visit didn't tighten the fan nut properly, so the collet didn't expand to secure the fan in place and it ended up breaking the system. Again.


I can think of harsher words, but they are not for publishing!

All-in-all, its approaching a dozen separate visits to fix the problems with this machine and its barely two years old, yet they still won't replace it. Hotpoint have slipped off the bottom of my list of quality manufacturers now.
* * * * *
Friday night I popped into a friend's to drop off her birthday pressie and got some excellent news.

My friend, unfortunately, has been suffering from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) ever since an operation over 4 years ago. Being the incredibly positive person that she is, she refuses to let it beat her and has been getting on with life as best as she can, despite the pain.

In this time, not a lot has happened with regards health support as it appears that she knows more about pain management than the NHS, judging by the fact they asked her to write a leaflet on the subject for them!

However, a recent visit to a new doctor who is unfamiliar with the condition has led to a sudden flurry of activity with X-rays, Cat-scans and various treatments all being lined up for her, to see if they can help her beat the condition ... and, presumably, to see what else they can learn about it.

Call me cynical!!

Whatever the reasoning, we're all hoping something really good comes out of this.
* * * * *
With my little nephew's birthday imminent, Saturday saw me racing round town trying to find various presents for him.

As per usual, I stopped off in Presence for a bite to eat and a cuppa and didn't notice that my favourite coffee-girl was there, tidying up the tables. I had not long sat down when she passed and asked how the play went.

I have to confess, I was taken aback. The last time we had spoken, the play was still three weeks away, so to remember me after all that time was quite impressive ... though I guess being a regular helps, and I shouldn't think they get many people learning lines there!!

Unfortunately, in my state of shock at someone remembering me, it didn't register that she was familiar with everything I was saying about being in the play, so I didn't quiz her on it. Idiot. In hindsight, I should have asked her if she had been in many and would she like to join our group!

When I find out the dates of the next audition, I will have to go and see if she is interested in going for a part. The trouble is, being nervous at approaching people, how do I see if she wants to audition without my coming across as some psycho-stalker-freak that wants to talk nerdy to her til the early hours?!?!

Hmmm, cross that bridge if I come to it.

Afterwards, another pressie-hunt-race around town ensued as I attempted to hunt down the remainder of my list of ideas, as well as something that my Mum was after buying for my nephew. By the time I set off to visit family, I was two hours behind schedule.

Nothing new there!

I used to be perfect at getting to places as-and-when I said I would. Now, I am invariably late as I lose all sense of time because of getting lost in my own mental meanderings. I think I'm getting old.

Anyhoo, my nephew enjoyed most of his pressies, the ELC binoculars* and Thomas Hopper being particular hits whilst the clothes, as usual, were the disappointments**.

So much for a quick update!

* What makes these an even better pressie was that when I checked the receipt later to see how much I had spent, I discovered they had been charged a whole £5.55 cheaper! Bargain!
** At what point is it that kids turn from being indifferent about clothes to 'needing' the most expensive, trendiest garment ever made?! I dread the day...


Anonymous said…
Guess I should have bet in favor of the monster post. ;)
OddThomas said…
Yes, I haven't quite grasped the concept of Short and Sweet, yet! :-)

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