Two and Two Makes Sex

As I suspected, when I arrived for auditions last night I discovered that it had already been cast: hardly surprising since seven people put their names down and the play has a cast of six!

So, rather than being an audition, we had a full read of the script to get a feel for the play and, I'm guessing, so that we could get the worst of the laughter out of the way. This proved to be a rather good move on the part of the producer as there were several points where we were all crying with laughter: I just hope the audience react in the same way.

To read, the play flows really well. However, with it being a comedy and a split set that relies on direct and indirect interaction between the two sides, the timing is crucial. This worries me a bit as it means that everyone will have to know their lines spot-on...

Being the youngest of the three guys that put their names down for this production, I naturally got the part of the youngest character, Nick ... which is really stretching things as he is supposed to be in his early 20s and I have at least 10 years on that! :-(

As the play is set in 1973, we're going to have to swallow our pride and wear some 'trends' that will, hopefully, never see the light of day again. Especially with some of the stuff I have to be seen in!

I'm sure I could probably manage most of the gear from the local charity shops. However, there is one item of clothing that I do need to get hold of that a quick browse of the web couldn't turn up, and which I am hoping someone out there in the big virtual world will be able to point me to.

I need to get my hands on a gent's medium-sized Mickey Mouse vest!

If all else fails, I guess we could make one, but it would be nice to get hold of an original, if at all possible.

Any ideas, anyone??


Anonymous said…
Maybe Ebay. They seem to have just about everything on there.
OddThomas said…
They do, don't they?! They seem to have some of the most obscure things on there ... just not the obscure things I'm looking for!! Typical!!

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