Shake, Rattle and Roll

Well, wasn't last night something of an event ... for the UK, at least!

There I was, just settling down after a late night and a quick play with my Patapons, when I find myself being unceremoniously re-awakened by Mother Nature having a hissy fit with Market Rasen, at one o'clock in the morning. Bearing in mind I'm over 150 miles away, thats quite a paddy-whack she had on there.

Thankfully, she just gave a scolding to the not-so-sleepy little town before skulking off elsewhere so, apart from the single unlucky guy who had a chimney fall on him*, people were more shaken than anything.

After feeling the shocks from another quake early last year, it was obvious what this was when it happened, so the only thing I wasn't sure what to expect was its strength and was in two minds about heading outside.

Curious to see how many other people had felt it, I immediately switched on LBC to see if any callers mentioned it and, sure enough they did. Whilst some of them knew exactly what it was, there were a few who's imaginations got the better of them ... namely the woman who's first thought was 'poltergeist'.


* Whom, of course, we all wish a speedy recovery.


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