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Last night, I went for my third training run and boy was it cold ... so cold, in fact, that I came close to inverting 'down under' and becoming an Emily!!

Thankfully, I had a little foresight to pop into George* on the way home and pick up a pair of jogging pants for the princely sum of £3! Bargain!!

I decided to wrap up reasonably warm with my North Face fleece, even though I knew I was going to sweat buckets, reasoning that I could always take it off if I got too hot ... which I invariably did.

It didn't stay off for too long though as the cold got to my nipples and made them harder than Vinnie Jones: it was like I was wearing mini Madonna-cones under my shirt. Good job there was nobody around at that time of night or I could have taken a few eyes out!!
* * * * *
Since Sunday, I have been browsing around trying to find wigs for Biker Betty's birthday this weekend. The theme: wigs and hats.

I had gotten the selection down to two, but couldn't decide between either ... so bought them both! Well, they weren't that expensive so figured why not? They're bound to come in useful at some point.

Of the two wigs on order, I realised that one of them would not fit with any of the clothes I have in my wardrobe ... well, stacked on the bed as the wardrobe is full of suits and jackets ... which meant looking for something appropriate to go with it.

So I ordered myself a Jedi robe!!!

When my friend, RoadRunner, found out, she wanted pics, which I duly obliged. I have a horrible feeling that it may haunt me, so I thought I'd best get in there first with this one**:

I know, I know, they didn't wear jeans and loafers on Mos Eisley, but its the best I could do at a moment's notice!!

*IT'S A SHOP! Nothing to do with sex changes or the likes!
** Original pic can be found at


RoadRunner said…
Damn you for getting in first! Humph!
OddThomas said…
Awww, sorry! :-D

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