Must Pay Attention

Either I'm getting old or I'm just not paying attention to what I'm doing. I know that the former is inevitable, but I'm hoping its the latter that is the cause of my memory problems!!

I made some notes at work for stuff to blog about but left them there, so I am sitting at home, scouring the depths of my brain in an effort to remember the important stuff I wanted to blog.

Unfortunately, it seems my brain is somewhat vacant at the moment as its just repeating 'tea and lemon' at me and won't let me think of anything else ... I'd best go stick the kettle on ...

Okay, I can't remember everything, but here goes...

With the play out of the way, rehearsals have been somewhat on the dull side, consisting mostly of over-shopping, over-eating and over-staring at the computer screen, wondering what on earth I'm supposed to be doing with myself.

So, when a work colleague offered up the chance of a ticket to see Rich Hall last Thursday at the Watford Palace Theatre, I leapt at the chance.

Although I knew who Rich Hall was, I'd never really seen much of his performance, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. It turns out he's a pretty funny guy, though some of his material was bordering on the "should we really be laughing at that?" kind of humour.

If you fancy seeing his performance and that of his alter-ego, Otis Lee Crenshaw, he's touring the UK for the next few months, so be sure to book a ticket.
* * * * *
Thankfully, things should hopefully be back to 'normal' next week with auditions on Monday for the drama group's next production, Two and Two Make Sex. With only seven people available for the May production and six people in the cast, its pretty much a done deal as to who will get a role!!

So, where does Favourite CoffeeGirl stand in this? Ummm ... she doesn't!

As per usual, I spent the weekend frequenting Presence coffee shop, chilling out and dripping melted cheese onto my photography mag I was attempting to read ... which is a little difficult now that the erasor-like qualities of the cheese has removed the print!

I was hoping to be in a position to see if CoffeeGirl would want to attend the auditions, especially as we are in need of a young lady to fill one of the roles. Well, Sunday, that opportunity arose when she served me and asked how I was ... and I did nothing to feed the conversation or ask if she wanted to join the group. Once again, my nerves got the better of me.


Well, she knows the name of the group and we rehearse, so there's nothing stopping her turning up anyway. Its not like its invite only.
* * * * *
Sunday also saw me having a little bit of a shop.

For Christmas, a couple of friends had given me some vouchers, so I scoured Marks & Spencer for something that would be suitable as a present and picked up a nice white wooden frame to hang in the bathroom, replacing the frameless print "Contemplation" by Lluis Ribas that has been hanging there for the past seven years ... or "Erotica" as my Mum thinks it is called!

After scouring my photo library for a suitable image, I finally settled on a pic I took in Sri Lanka last year of a turtle at Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. This little chap loved to be tickled!!

I also discovered something that would work perfectly as a photo-tent: a pop-up laundry bin!

There are a hundred-and-one sites out there that will show you how to build your own or that will charge you upwards of £40 for a 'proper' photo-tent. Why bother when you can get one for £5 from your local M&S?!?!

So buy it I did. And the picture frame.

It turns out, as the lady at the counter kindly brought to my attention, that the vouchers were actually for John Lewis and could not be accepted by M&S.

You could have cooked toast off the heat from my face.
* * * * *
I really need to get back into the habit of blogging on a daily basis, if only to keep these posts short!!!


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