Weird Magnet - Part One

There must be something about me that the strange and unusual are attracted to, ranging from the writing on the bathroom mirror last week to the guy who latched onto me at the Focus on Imaging 2008 exhibition yesterday.

Lets start with the writing...

I was going through my usual morning routine of being late for work and was just standing up in the bath in order to dry off when I noticed some water on the mirror that I hadn't noticed before. Because the bathroom gets steamed up, any water that gets on the mirror shows up immediately, but this was the first time I had seen this:

The supernatural-believer in me reacted with "Who just tried writing my name on my mirror?!" whilst the rational side of me thought, "Cool! What are the chances of that happening?!"

Well, the rational side won and I didn't weird out, like I think I might if I ever really saw something supernatural. Interesting that there were no water droplets at the end of the downstrokes though...

I haven't the foggiest idea what I was doing Friday, but whatever it was, I didn't get to bed until the early hours, so a nice lay in was planned. However, as with all my plans, it didn't work out quite as expected as my neighbours decided they were going to lay a carpet, so started hammering from about 10:00am and, as luck would have it, chose to stop when I finally caved in and got out of bed.


So, now out of bed and mostly awake, I figured I'd do the usual weekend jaunt to Presence for lunch ... which brought with it the first of this weekend's weirdos.

I was about halfway through my second round of Earl Grey and caramel waffles when a guy in a red jacket got up from another table, came over to me and asked in a loud voice if I wanted the rest of his lunch because he had ordered too much and couldn't eat it all.

Why?!?! Do I look half-starved?!?!

Thankfully, I kept my cool and politely declined the offer as he dumped the food into the waste and disappeared.


By the time Saturday night arrived I was the weird one, turning up at Biker Betty's for her Wigs'n'Hats party, all garbed up in Jedi robe and biblical wig and ready to hide in a corner somewhere!

Moses Kenobi

Unfortunately, as I was off to the Focus on Imaging event at the NEC on the Sunday, I wasn't able to stay and have a drink ... which is actually a good thing considering my embarrassing activities at the murder mystery party!


Anonymous said…
LOL this is such a funny post. Thanks for sharing.
OddThomas said…
Cheers. Thanks for reading :-)

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