Taking the Good with the Bad

On Friday nights, at 10pm, LBC 97.3 have an interesting show on called The Phsychic Show. Often, they seem to have visitors that come in to talk about something with a psychic link which really ends up being someone's spiritual interpretation of common sense. So it can be quite entertaining.

However, last Friday, they had an interesting speaker talk about Cosmic Ordering. I've heard this phrase before and admittedly thought it was about the cosmic order of things. Turns out, its actually about placing orders with the universe, like you might with a mail order catalogue - sorry about the analogy, but its the best I can come up with!

I have to confess that I started to get pulled in by it the more stories I heard. Basically, it goes on the premise that if you expect bad things, then bad things will happen, and if you expect good things, then good things will happen. So, if you ask the universe for something but don't expect to get it, then you won't because you don't truly believe in what you are asking for.

So I thought I would try it!

One of the ways you can do this is to write a WANTED notice and stick it in your window (though not so other people can read it), being reasonably precise about what it is that you want. So this is what I did, and wrote on a post-it note that I wanted the delivery of my new computer to go smoothly and not have any faults and arrive before noon (unfortunately, I have to work this weekend so I won't even have time to play with it).

At 8:15, the order arrived, and the delivery guy was cheerful and chatty, so a good start to the whole thing. Over the next couple of hours, I set almost everything up and pressed the power button. Nothing. Ah yes, power button at the back. Tried again, in kicks the hum of the fan, the blue lights come on ... and then it all goes dark!

Oddly, I didn't panic and tried again. Voilá - working system!! Okay, there are a couple of little niggles that I discovered when I got home from work, not least of which is the wireless access not working, but I'm wondering if this is more to do with my router as my phone has a similar problem seeing it.

I have always been brought up to believe that you get nothing for free and that it is always better to give, not take. So the idea of saying "I want" to the universe is an uncomfortable one: there must be a price to pay for taking, either something bad should then happen, or you should give something back. For me, I think it must be the bad thing judging by the abuse I got from an offensive driver this morning - I see this as bad as it has a bad effect on me, being someone who is nervous of everything!

Outside Morrisons in High Wycombe, there is a set of traffic lights on the road from Hughenden, with a filter lane for people turning right. The red light of this set is faulty, but the rest are okay. Seeing that the secondary filter lane light was red, I stopped - as you should - and the kid in a royal blue Peugeot 206 behind me started waving his arms and shouting at me to "f***ing drive!"

He then tried to pull out around me, in front of the traffic going straight ahead whose lights had just gone green, but couldn't because of the traffic, then the filter lights turned green so we could go - the amber and green work fine. He then tried to overtake before the Morrisons roundabout, but the distance was too short. Eventually, I turned up towards work and he disappeared down to Wycombe Road.

Not once did he indicate, and all the time he was driving offensively - he will end up in an accident one day. I have two words for him: grow up!

I know plenty of people that would have gotten out of their cars and given him abuse back for his bad attitude ... I just wish I was like them. Instead, I got to work and, overcome with anger, hit a chair not realising it had no padding at the back. The bruise is nearly gone now!

This won't make me popular, but I am starting to think that no-one under the age of 25 should be allowed a licence. And this is not just a drastic reaction to this one event, its a belief that I have started to develop over time from all my experiences and the various news stories that abound of kids from late teens to early twenties being killed in car accidents.

The fact is, they are not mature enough.

Anyway, I digress! So, the point is, is this Cosmic Ordering stuff for real, or is it just a means of encouraging a mindset to find meaning in random events? The emotional side of me says that the kid gave me grief because I expected to have to give something back because of what I took, while the rational side of me - which I am more inclined to believe - says that the two events are not connected in any way and not to be so stupid!

One thing they did suggest, if you want to test this, is to say that you want to find something in a totally unexpected place. The LBC show presenter did this and said that she wanted to find a jar of beetroot somewhere unexpected. When she went to the hairdressers, sitting on the shelf in front of the chair where she was getting her hair done, was a jar of beetroot that someone had dropped from their shopping!

Coincidence? Isn't it worth a try to see how outlandish it can get?!


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