Unbelievably, I completed the Great North Run! Not only that, but in roughly the same time that it took me to do it nearly 5 years ago. And with less training!

Officially, my time was : 2 hours 17 minutes 7 seconds.

The time on my watch was 2 hours 15 minutes 40+ seconds, but thats because I didn't see why I should time myself having a pee at the 5 mile mark!

When the positions were first posted, I was in at a respectable 20,532, and then they changed the website and I could only get my position within the 'Others' category that I was a part of: 14,749.

Not bad. I'm happy :-)

Will have to do a lot better next year, though!!

Big thanks to my cousin Damo, who did all the driving for the weekend, and was there at the end of the race to greet me. He is considering running himself next year since it took him the same time that I ran the course for him to use the metro system to get to the end!

Despite the personal good news though, my thoughts and wishes go out to the family of the 29-year-old guy from Barnsley who died completing the run.


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