Where Is Hiro Nakamura?

There's nothing like leaving things until the last minute, is there?!

In roughly 9 hours time, I will be leaving my flat and heading to Heathrow with the aim of heading to Sri Lanka for my cousin's wedding. Unfortunately, due to my naturally stressed state, most of this weekend has been wasted ironing all the clothes I intended to take, and only packing - several times - around half of this!

However, another re-packing is in order to lighten the load a little and I still have to:
  • Complete my assignment due by 5 June
  • Write the best man's speech *shudder*
  • Tidy the flat
  • Determine what hand luggage to take
I'm a little torn with the hand luggage at the moment. I was intending to take my Canon 30D, new lens, flash and photo viewer in order to make the most of this holiday as a photo-trip. The only trouble is, taking this kit through as hand luggage is looking increasingly like a problem.

If I follow Heathrow's rules, then there wouldn't be an issue. However, the Sri Lankan Airlines website defines baggage of a smaller size, and limits cameras to a compact!

There is absolutely no way I'm putting my kit through as hold baggage - I'll never see it again, if I do. It probably hasn't helped that listening to LBC today has fed my paranoia and stress with a bucket-load of Heathrow-related baggage stories.

Perhaps I will just stick to my Ixus, as Foshie suggested: it would be one less thing to worry about.

Just to be absolutely certain though, I have fired off an email to Sri Lanka Airlines to see if I can take the kit on board. I have already had an auto-reply saying they are closed until 8:15 on 2 July! According to this site, it is currently 5am over there so, in theory, someone should get my mail around 4am our time. Fingers crossed I get a positive response.

I guess I can re-pack in the morning when I have a definitive answer. In the meantime, perhaps I should get some sleep and make sure for an early start tomorrow ... though anyone who knows me will laugh at that ... I'm not exactly a morning person!!

Where is Hiro Nakamura when you need him - how else could I fit all this in?!


Cath said…
Hope you managed to get away on time.

I've already said it, but have a wonderful time. And RELAX!!!

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