Run Zombie, Run!

Have you ever wondered what a cross between Simon Pegg's Shaun of the Dead and Run Fatboy, Run would produce?

No, me neither, but today I discovered what the result could look like as RoadRunner* kindly pointed out that the pics are in on the Great Run website, so now the world and his mum can see the full horror for themselves!

Number seven says it all really...

* Unfortunately, RoadRunner has stopped blogging, but you can still check out her pics with race number 35018 ;-)


Tim said…
I am horrifically late in saying so, but very well done to you. A fantastic achievement!
OddThomas said…
Cheers, Tim! Your turn next :-D
RoadRunner said…
Thanks very much for this! Me looking at my absolute finest. They seem to have found another horrific one of me and added it. Think I'll wear a bag on my head next time!
OddThomas said…
Ooooh, you've given me an idea ... I could run the GNR next year as a life-sized Sackboy!! :-D

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