What happened???

Whoa, has it really been 7 weeks since I last posted?  I know I don't have that many readers, but sorry for the silence, things have been a bit hectic here!

In fact, so much has been happening, that it's probably easier to give a quick bullet point of the main events, otherwise, this would be something of an epic posting which I guarantee you won't reach the end of!
  • Firstly, I should say congratulations to my parents who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the beginning of September.  They were intending to go away to celebrate together, but decided they would rather have a nice meal with family. 

    Unfortunately, The Woolpack, where the meal was booked didn't do a very good job of the booking, so the meal wasn't as nice as it could have been.

  • After the rather unfortunate and ironic drowning of my little iPod Nano I wrote about in my last post, I ended up ordering a replacement directly from the Apple site: a nice little fifth generation orange one, complete with an engraving of this site's URL (I just wanted the free engraving and couldn't think of anything else to put).  As I bought it, I had this nagging feeling that it must be due for an upgrade by now.  Low and behold, a few days after it arrived, the 6th generation version was announced.  Bastards.

  • It seems my parents get as much enjoyment out of fancy dress parties as I do, with a neighbour's 60s night prompting my Mum to cut up some curtains to make an outfit (Julie Andrews would be proud), and prompting my Dad to grow a Hulk Hogan moustache (which wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't currently sporting the Kojak look). 

    Unfortunately, not being used to my Dad with any form of facial hair, my response upon seeing him was comparable to the response you might have when meeting someone with a severely lazy eye: where do you look without a) staring at it, or b) looking like you're avoiding it? 

    I opted to disappear so that I didn't have to worry.

  • Either I am completely unobservant or I have succeeded in sliding to a parallel world.

    As I was leaving my parent's place after their anniversary weekend, I noticed they had a rather tall Yucca palm at the edge of their garden.  As far as I can remember, they have never had a Yucca palm in their garden!  I used to walk over that part of the garden when I parked at the side of the house and really, really do not ever remember there being a Yucca there.  But there it was, larger than life.

    I'm going with the Slider theory on this one...

  • After 12.5 years, the 6 sets of IKEA Billy shelves that lined the living room have now found their way to my little nephew's bedroom.  Shame I can't say the same about the content which is now all stacked up in boxes against one wall.

    Anybody want any DVDs or Star Trek Collectibles????

  • Tied in to getting rid of the Billy bookshelves, I have also ordered a brand new sofa to replace my current sleep-inducing arse-hugger.  I'm surprised at how long this sofa has lasted and there are still plenty of years left in her.

    Anybody want any DVDs, Star Trek Collectibles or a sofa???

  • Back on the 19 September, I succeeded in completing the Great North Run for the fourth time and in roughly the same time as every other time I have run it, at 2:18:25 - you can check the results out here and search on race number 29486, if you are a doubting Thomas.  Better still, they linked it up to Nike+, so you can check out my incredibly steady run graph!

    Thank you to everyone that donated sponsorship for this run, which currently stands at £405, a fantastic amount, thank you.  If you didn't get the chance to sponsor me and would still like to, the JustGiving page will be open for a few more weeks yet, so you can still add to the pot if you wish :-)

  • Rehearsals for the latest Centralians production, are well under way, our very first home-grown production, which is due to launch in just a couple of weeks on 21 October 2010.  It is fair to say that every single one of us is dreading this play in one way or another.  From my perspective, the main thing I'm dreading is walking on in the opening scene, sans-shirt; it's not a pretty sight, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that Chewbacca had just walked onto the set!

  • Perhaps the biggest thing to take place in these past few weeks is ditching my rather well paid job in order to go to university, where I am now well into my second week and I have to confess it has been something of a culture shock.  I guess we still have to settle down into a routine yet, but it does feel like things are a bit all over the place at the moment.
Hmmm, okay, it turned into a bit of an epic posting in the end anyway - just be grateful I didn't write down absolutely everything!!


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